during the summer, i grow my own food and make my own compost! here's some pictures.

Garden Tips

Saving Seeds and checking their Viability
  1. Sometimes seed shells can be too thick for a seed to germinate. Leave a seed in a ziplock baggie with damp paper towel to soften the shell. But leave the bag open and dont make the towel too damp, or mold will grow.
  2. old egg cartons make great seed starter pots.
  3. Plants absorb red and blue light the best. LED lights emit every color, and make great grow lights. Any LED bulb will work, but the ideal plant bulb is one that only emits red and blue light, making it purple.
  4. you can make your own compost bin at home, using a plastic storage bin. Drill plenty of holes throughout the bin for drainage. Always put 3 parts brown matter for every part organic. For example, if you throw in a small amount of vegetables, put at least 3x as much cardboard or paper. If your compost bin is too damp or it smells, you don't have enough brown matter. You can also occasionally throw more soil in there, because soil contains the microorganisms that help jumpstart decomposition.
  5. lots of edible plants grow wild right in your backyard. Lamb's Quarter tastes exactly like spinach. The problem is wild plants may be a little more acidic than others, so don't eat them raw regularly, you might get an upset stomach. Boiling them first eliminates the problem. Lots of other plants are tasty for frying, for example fried dandelion heads, or fried maple leaves. Always make the most of your land! Lawn culture is out! Wild culture is in.