(im not very good at writing im not a writer, but i wanted to record the events in my dungeons and dragons campaign somewhere lol. + all the images link to the source.)

A cacophony of laughter and the yelling of drunk men fills the room as Kaedo, a half-elf, sips his brew, watching lazily from a corner table. The smell of fried fish wafts through the air, and he hears the clink of glasses as the Innkeeper does dishes from behind the counter.

A group of townsfolk gathers at the center table, roaring with cheers, watching the local Fisherman beat every man at the table at arm wrestling, for the prize of a gold piece per win.

"How 'bout a challenge, old man?" the half-elf called out to him jeeringly, offering his own arm.
The Fisherman, Pearson, had been living here longer than anyone else, providing the town with fish and cheer, as long as the town provided him with a full belly of alcohol. He was a hopeless.. drunk.

The man turns to him, a glint in his eyes, peering out over a ruddy red beard. "Oi, you think you could beat me, boy?"

Pearson had taken Kaedo in under his wing as a boy, no questions asked, when he wandered into the town one day, with nothing but the socks on his feet and some tattered scraps of clothing.

the half-elf boy rose up from his chair in challenge and jeers: "Your bones've grown brittle and old, Pearson! ya got nothin!" He puffs out his chest.
The crowd that had built up "ooooh"-ed, and the sharp-eyed halfling woman behind the counter scoffed, resuming wiping off some dirtied dishes with an old cloth rag.

"Why I-! You're in for it now, kiddo!"

Pearson stomps across the floorboards, and plops himself down into the stool with a creak, laying out his arm across the old wooden table, his scruffy face twisted into a smirk.
They both grin at eachother, and Kaedo takes his hand. Another man slaps the table with his hand, announcing a countdown with each smack.





they both strain against eachother, sweat beading on their faces, the crowd of men cheering wildly as they watch.
The innkeeper shakes her head, nonplussed.
"Show 'im who's boss, Pearson!"
"Show 'im what you get for backtalking your elders!"

After a long period of suspense and cheers, Kaedo finally slams the back of Pearson's hand to the surface of the table.

"Oi-...I let you win, y'know," Pearson mumbles.

Kaedo scoffs. "You owe me a gold piece!"

Pearson exhales a sigh, tossing the kid a tarnished golden coin, and Kaedo bites the corner with his sharp teeth tauntingly, as if he doubted its authenticity.

"Don't forget to drop by the carpenter's for firewood before you head back home," Pearson chides. "We need it for the woodstove."


And with that, the old man chuckles and sways back into the crowd, to continue their drunkenly antics.
Kaedo watches for a few moments, amused, before he ambles over to the innkeep, ordering himself a fresh warm meal fit for a king, courtesy of Pearson's gold piece.

About to take his first savory bite of steamed fish, his pointed ears twitch, picking up bits of faint conversation emanating from somewhere in the Inn.

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