Kaedo shoves the empty teacup and the chest into his bag, and starts to make his way home through the dark streets, feeling defeated. He felt as if he had done nothing at all.

Leaving the inner part of town, he trudges his way to the old leaning shanty lying near the dock with a stove pipe protruding from the roof, spouting little puffs of smoke.

He hesitantly gives the door a little rap with his knuckle, dreading the scolding he was about to get from Pearson.
Hardly a moment even passed after his hand made contact with the wood, when Pearson threw open the door, his expression dark and livid.

"Took your time, did ye? an' you didn't even bring the wood!"

"Sorry I was-" Kaedo stammers.
Pearson stops him, sputtering with shock. "By gods, what happened to your arm?"

"w-well...there was a BIG spider!" He brings up his hands to his face, making clawing motions, and gritted his teeth in a mock scary spider face.
"But I sure showed him."

Pearson sighs, irritable, and pinches the bridge of his nose.
"Ya didn't even wrap it up right."

Pearson scowls at him, and Kaedo grins back sheepishly.
In the end, Pearson sighs again, and opens the door wider for the boy to come inside.
"Fine...you'll just have'ta do it tomorrow."

The half-elf slips past with haste, scot-free, practically diving into the cauldron of soup hanging in the fire place, devouring his dinner.

"Giant spiders??"
Pearson shook his head.
"That boy is a head-ache."

Kaedo overheard him.
"that's prob'ly just your hangover!" He rebutes.
He glances down at his travel bag containing the odd Jewelry Chest, and quietly kicks it under his bedroll as Pearson starts to make his way back towards him.
"When you're done eating, we oughta fix up that arm right," Pearson nods towards the makeshift wrap over Kaedo's arm.

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