The elderly man ushers him through the door, and glancing around, Kaedo noticed that he had quite a bit magic memorabilia.

The room was cluttered with strange objects, skulls, old misty potions with a questionable glittery swirl inside.
He had an old musty couch sitting among the clutter, hardly even navigatable to through towers of old books.
The windows were shielded with moth-eaten velvet curtains with spots of decay and mold eating away at the fabric.

Between the junk crowding around the room, he could catch a glimpse of pale wooden floorboards beneath his feet.
The man gestures him to have a seat on the old furniture in the center of the room, then he disappears into another room. Kaedo could hear the clink of a teapot as he made tea.

When kaedo plops down on the cushion of the couch, a cloud of dust billows into the air.
"I don't really think we have the time for tea," he coughs, waving the dust out of his face.

A bizarre single-eye-socketed skull resting on the coffee table next to him eyes him, and Kaedo gulps.

"There's always time for tea," Hudson quips, his voice echoing from the kitchen.

"But sir...didn't you hear me before? You're gonna get ransacked!"
There was a long pause of silence while the tea brewed, and Kaedo hears the creaking of feet across floorboards as Hudson shuffled somewhere deeper within the home. He taps his foot impatiently on the floor.
A tortoiseshell cat creeps out from under the couch and gives a stretch and a yawn, before curling up at the half-elf's feet.

Eventually the shrill whistle of a teapot rings out, and the old man shuffles back into the main room holding a tray of tea and a curious box ontop. "Listen, child..." The old man begins, setting a cup of tea for him upon the stained coffee table, next to that nefarious skull.

"I have seen my fill of mysteries, of woes. I am nearing the end of my age..." he pauses, to take a sip of his tea. Kaedo eyes his own, suspiciously, before taking his own tentative sip, waiting for him to continue.
"I know what those... bastards are after. It's something that never should've been. It's a cruel symbol of hope...a Fake. Something created out of evil, with surrounded by delusion and lies. I have been protecting it my entire life.. but I'm not sure there's much left that I can do."

"But you...You are still young. There may yet be a way to destroy it."
Kaedo stares at him, incredulously. "What are you gabbering about??"

The elderly man hefts a harrowed sigh, furrows his brow.
"What I am saying...Child...Is I want nothing to do with this anymore."
Hudson lifts the little box from atop the tray, and offers it to Kaedo.
"Take it. I want it to be none of my business any longer."

Kaedo studies the little silver box, and it looked nothing more than a simple jewelry box, or some may even call it a tiny "chest", with very intricate and lovely silver designs etched into the sides.
"Um-... But it's just a box?"

"A box it is." Hudson gave him a sad smile.
"Never let anyone see this simple box, boy. And never open it. Keep it with you always. Not that I trust you with it...You're just a child. It's just no longer my concern."

Kaedo takes the silver jewelry box into his hands, puzzled. This old man must be losing his mind to his age.
Hudson finishes the last of his cup of tea. He stands to his feet, making shooing motions with his hands.
"Now out with you! Let an elderly man have his rest."
"But what about the bandi-"
"You heard me! Out!"

He abruptly guides the half-elf to the door, shoves him out the frame, and slams the door behind him.
The click of a key turn emits from the lock, affirming he was now, very surely, trapped outside.

Kaedo blinks in bewilderment.
He was still holding his teacup.

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