Gingerly holding his wounded arm, he wanders into another forest clearing, catching the scent of smoke.
Cautiously tredging forward, he's hit with a sense of dismay when he realized he no longer feels the presence of anyone nearby.
Whoever had been stationed here had gone.
Abandoning his unecessary pose of caution, he strolls right out of the brush, smack into the middle of someones camp. And it was entirely empty.
A few tents lay strewn about, some still standing, some trampled.
Some flaming hot coals still steam within a fire pit. A sign they hadn't been gone for long.

...Did they happen to hear him coming?
What with all his stupid yelling, it wouldn't have surprised him.
He winces at his own foolishness.

It was all the spiders fault! Not his!
He huffs a sigh and half-mindedly kicks and roots through the trash the strangers had left behind, when he spots a withered scrap of paper nestled beneath the glass of a shattered bottle of Ale.
"...Now what's this..?"
Kaedo retrieves the scrap of paper, leaning in close to study it.
"Why....this looks like a partial map of the town."
He turns it this way and that, jostling it in his hands. A series of roads were crudely scrawled on the paper, and one of the homes in the housing district was distinctly circled.

"That's..The old man Hudson's house," Kaedo stammered, troubled.

"I gotta warn him!"

He turns heel and runs the direction he came, leaving the scrap of paper to the air, fluttering into the smoldering coals of the fire pit.

By the time he makes it back into town, day had long passed, and it wouldn't be long before they targeted the old man's estate.

It didn't seem like Pearson was going to get his firewood, either.

Hudson was an old man that lived alone with his cat, in a rather generously sized building, towering over the rest of the district.
His yard was ordained in extravagent exotic flowerbeds, and an ancient, running stone fountain.

He was an elderly man few knew the history of, but clearly he lived a luxurious lifestyle. There were also rumors that at one time, he had had a son, but when questioned, he changed the subject.
Hudson was a man who kept mostly to himself.

Kaedo passes between the guarding gates bordering the elderly man's home, and furiously hammers his fist onto the boards of the door.

"Oi!! Old man, open the door!"

He stops and presses his ear against the door, and there was a pause. Then, the quiet shuffling of feet, which came to a halt right within.

"Who goes there?"

A muffled and weak, gruff voice of a man meets him.

"I've got somethin to tell you!" Kaedo hollers through the door's lock.
"I think some sketchy people are lookin' to rob you. Somethin about a chest?"

The door slams open with a speed that startles him, and the half-elf stumbles backwards in surprise, dark eyes wide.
"What in the-"

The man hisses for Kaedo to silence himself. "Insolent child, are you trying to wake up the entire town? Is that what you aim for?!"

Kaedo gulps and quickly shakes his head no!

The old man looks him over, his steely blue gaze cold.
He's dressed in old robes, almost like that of a mage, and his hair thins into wisps over his spotted scalp, a well trimmed grayed beard growing over his chin.

"Fine...Come inside. Before the entire town hears you."
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